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We provide daily administration support to Salesforce customers and system integrators around the world.

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We provide Salesforce
support to great
companies like yours.

At Intermino, we focus on just one thing – making sure your Salesforce system is well maintained and that it keeps fulfilling the daily needs of your users.

Our service agents are trained, certified and experienced in managing both simple and complex Salesforce orgs, any time of the day.


Rich catalog of Standard Operating Procedures

Our service catalog is composed of hundreds of SOPs that you can order and provision instantly.

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Tailored support if you have specific requirements

In case your business requires specific procedures, we will document, test and execute them for you with care.

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We contribute to Assistive OS™

Assistive OS is the first open source framework dedicated to enabling professional services companies and independent consultants to work and collaborate responsibly and securely with clients.

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Our agents use Assistive OS so you can review and audit their work.

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Services provided by our administrators are cheaper than our competitors.

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Each service request handled by our agents is checked for quality.

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Easily hire or drop service agents anytime based on your actual needs.

We are committed to
your success.

At Intermino, we have built a business model that gives our clients a reliable service at a competitive price and a with high level of flexibility.

Our value proposition is based on complete transparency and disclosure towards our clients. We securely store all keyboard, screen and network activity of our employees in the cloud, so you can easily review and audit our work years later if needed.

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