Are you a university student?

Become a Salesforce professional.

Sign up for a two-month internship at Intermino, prepare for your first Salesforce certificate and possibly even land a job.

Why join us?

Learn something and
gain real work experience

During your internship, you'll build your very first app on the Salesforce full-stack platform together with a mentor.

Prepare for a
Salesforce certificate

Go through our prep program, learn the ropes and prove yourself by passing an official Salesforce exam.

Take your first step
towards an IT career

Once you become Salesforce-certified, a world of job opportunities will open up, including right here at Intermino.

Salesforce is one of the greatest cloud development platforms in the world.


organizations worldwide use Salesforce every day


increase in Sales performance after adopting Salesforce


Salesforce has been on the market for over 20 years

Coding is easy with Salesforce.

Salesforce offers a wide array of front-end and back-end technologies for declarative and procedural application configuration and development.

You can also build apps using Point & Click.

  • Many out-of-the-box features
  • Point & Click system configuration
  • Outstranding component animations

A Salesforce partner specialized in workforce development.

After successfully completing our internship program, you'll open up so many doors towards new career opportunities, you won't believe it.


18 Hours





Internship program

Prva nedelja prakse predstavlja osnove Salesforce platforme, teoriju kao i konkretne primere administracije sistema te deklarativnog programiranja u Salesforce CRM-u.

U druga nedelja potpunjuje pregled administracije na Salesforce platformi i pripremu za polaganje Cerified Salesforce Administrator sertifikata.

U trećoj nedelji predstavlja se programiranje na Salesforce full-stack platformi, uključujući Apex, Visualforce, Lightning i druge tehnologije.

U poslednjoj nedelji teoretske pripreme fokus je na polaganju Certified Salesforce Platform Developer I sertifikata.

In the second month, we'll build a real app on top of the Salesforce platform together.


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Frequently asked questions

We accept all students actively enrolled in their last year of an undergraduate degree in IT and technology, or above. We accept students from all over the world.

Attending the internship is entirely free for students. On the other hand, the internship is not paid by Intermino either. It's a goodwill effort by both sides aimed at learning about Salesforce.

Yes, the complete internship process happens over the Internet, in your free time.

Ready to apply for an internship?

We organize five internship sessions per year. Send us your updated CV in English by e-mail and we'll send you information about our program.

Send your CV to [email protected]