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Dedicated support for your daily Salesforce management needs

Hire one or more certified Salesforce engineers to help run your Salesforce org day by day. Meet some of them below.

Nenad Panic

2x Certified Developer

Stefan Sipic

Certified Administrator

Dusan Vlajkovic

5x Certified Consultant

On-demand support to match the needs of your company

If you require a specific procedure, we will document, test and execute it with precision when you need it.


We'll start by understanding your needs.

Our Business Analysts will work with you to understand your current and your expected way of working.

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We'll develop your bespoke solution and/or procedure.

As a result of our analysis, you will get a standard operating prodecure which we can execute for you, or which you can execute yourself if you prefer.

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We'll keep your Salesforce org always updated.

We are always at your service to update and improve your Salesforce implementation as your business needs or your technology evolves.

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We'll keep your production system clean and running.

Our Certified Salesforce Administrators can do all the work for you, or you hire them on-demand as your needs evolve.

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