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At Intermino, we believe that changing the world is possible. We believe that everything starts with unconditional giving and caring.
If your non-profit is working to improve human conditions and save lives, let's talk about how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud could help you.

Automate your processes so you can focus on what matters.

Start by understanding what Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is. Read about it first-hand from Salesforce.

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Don't quite understand yet what the Nonprofit Cloud could do for your organization? Read about one of our first success stories.

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Now that you know what Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is, let's talk about how Intermino could help you roll it out in your organization, free of charge.

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Let's work together to help those in need.

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As consultants, we sometimes don't have an ongoing commercial project. That's perfectly normal. We call it being on the bench.

Instead of sitting around and waiting for new commercial projects, we want to be useful to organizations that perform amazing non-profit and charity work by enabling them to use modern digital tools, automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual data processing for individuals whose time is better spent helping others.

Therefore, we pledge that our bench time will be given for free to non-profit organizations that ask for our help in implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

That is genuinely a difficult question. With so many conflicts, natural disasters and human tragedies happening at the same time around the globe, we have to choose our battles.

When we can, we focus on helping non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organizations that help save human lives, that improve childhoods and that fight for non-selective inclusion and equality.

To find out whether your organization qualifies, schedule a courtesy call with us and tell us your story.

That part is easy. Schedule a courtesy call with us today, tell us your non-profit story and let's assess together whether Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is something that Intermino can bring to your organization.

If you qualify, you might get a Quickstart implementation by Intermino free of charge! *

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* Nonprofit Cloud license costs are independently determined by Salesforce.